Cat 2H Weapons


Best pre-raid Two-Handed Weapons


Crystal Spiked Maul
DPS score: 92
Tank score: 0
Source: Silithus quest “Signet of the Dukes” – this is a random reward after killing a summoned boss

ImperviousGiantImpervious Giant
DPS score: 61 + 30 hit
Tank score: 24
Source: Blackrock Depths – looted from Chest of Seven after defeating Doom’rel


TheRockpounderThe Rockpounder
DPS score: 70
Tank score: 0
Source: Uldaman – drops from Archaedas


DPS score: 61
Tank score: 0
Source: Dire Maul quest reward – requires killing Immol’thar and Prince Tortheldrin

SlavedriversCaneSlavedriver’s Cane
DPS score: 58
Tank score: 75
Source: Stratholme – drops from Ramstein the Gorger


FistOfOmokkFist of Omokk
DPS score: 58
Tank score: 75
Source: Lower Blackrock Spire – drops from Highlord Omokk