Cat Belts


Best pre-raid Belts


Cloudrunner Girdle
DPS score: 51
Tank score: 182
Source: Lower Blackrock Spire – drops from Quartermaster Zigris




VoshgajinsStrandVosh’gajin’s Strand
DPS score: 48
Tank score: 153
Source: reward from Lower Blackspire Spire quest – requires killing Overlord Wymthalak, War Master Voone, and Highlord Omokk.


GirdleOfBeastialFuryGirdle of Beastial Fury
DPS score: 46
Tank score: 133
Source: Blackrock Depths – drops from Eviscerator




MoltenBeltMolten Belt
DPS score: 44
Tank score: 258
Source: Pattern – purchased from Lokhtos Darkbargainer in the Blackrock Depths. Requires Revered with Thorium Brotherhood to purchase, and Elemental Leatherworking 300 to craft.
Belt – from crafting orpurchase on the Auction House.



MightOfTheTimbermawMight of the Timbermaw
DPS score: 42
Tank score: 130
Source: Pattern – purchased from vendor in Timbermaw Hold. Requires Honored with Timbermaw Hold to purchase, and Leatherworking 290 to craft.
Belt – from crafting or purchase on the Auction House.


SerpentineSashSerpentine Sash
DPS score: 39
Tank score: 192
Source: random world drop, so purchase on the Auction House!




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Shadowcraft Belt
DPS score: 39
Tank score: 169
Source: Lower Blackrock Spire – drops from trash mobs