Cat Gloves


Best pre-raid Gloves


Devilsaur Gauntlets
DPS score: 59 + 30 hit (set bonus)
Tank score: 138
Source: Pattern – Tribal Leatherworking 290 required, purchased from Nergal (vendor) in Un’Goro Crater. Limited supply.
Gloves – require Devilsaur Leather to craft, or can be purchased on Auction House.


GargoyleSlashersGargoyle Slashers
DPS score: 58
Tank score: 172
Source: Scholomance – drops from Kirtonos the Herald



SlaghideGauntletsSlaghide Gauntlets “of the Tiger”
DPS score: 53
Tank score: 199
Source: Lower Blackrock Spire – drops from Urok Doomhowl
Note: random bonus gives +14-15 to Strength and +14-15 to Agility




TimbermawBrawlersTimbermaw Brawlers
DPS score: 46
Tank score: 152
Source: Pattern – Leatherworking 300 required as well as Revered with Timbermaw Hold. Purchased from Timbermaw Hold vendor.
Gloves – crafted or purchased on Auction House.


CadaverousGlovesCadaverous Gloves
DPS score: 44
Tank score: 141
Source: Scholomance – drops from any boss