Cat Helms


Best pre-raid Helms

WolfsheadHelmWolfshead Helm
DPS score: 506  (see note)
Tank score: 0
Source: crafted by Tribal Leatherworking or purchased on Auction House
Note: assumes base 1400 AP for cat form, 2/2 Improved Shred talent, and power-shifting to gain an additional Shred every 7 seconds

MaskOfTheUnforgivenMask of the Unforgiven
DPS score:
30 + 60 Hit
Tank score: 180
Source: Stratholme – drops from The Unforgiven




Eye of Rend
DPS score:
Tank score: 157
Source: Lower Blackrock Spire – drops from Warchief Rend Blackhand


RagefuryEyepatchRagefury Eyepatch
DPS score: 73
Tank score: 161
Source: Blackrock Depths – drops from Hurley Blackbreath


ShadowcraftCap.pngShadowcraft Cap
DPS score:
Tank score: 271
Source: Scholomance – drops from Darkmaster Gandling