Cat Legs


Best pre-raid Leg Armor


Devilsaur Leggings
DPS score: 77 + 30 hit (requires 2-piece set bonus)
Tank score: 193
Source: Pattern – drops from ooze mobs in Un’Goro Crater, requires Tribal Leatherworking 300 and Devilsaur Leather to craft.
Leggings – crafted or purchase on Auction House.


PlaguehoundLeggingsPlaguehound Leggings
DPS score: 45 + 30 hit
Tank score: 227
Source: Stratholme – drops from trash


BlademasterLeggingsBlademaster Leggings
DPS score: 38 + 30 hit
Tank score: 214
Source: Upper Blackrock Spire – drops from The Beast



CadaverousLeggingsCadaverous Leggings
DPS score: 53 + 12 hit (requires 5-piece set bonus)
Tank score: 232
Source: Scholomance – drops from all bosses






ShadowcraftPantsShadowcraft Pants
DPS score: 62
Tank score: 252
Source: Stratholme – drops from Baron Rivendare






StormshroudPantsStormshroud Pants
DPS score: 61
Tank score: 150
Source: Pattern -sold by vendor, requires Elemental Leatherworking 275 to craft.
Leggings – crafted or purchased on the Auction House.




WarbearWooliesWarbear Woolies
DPS score: 57
Tank score: 188
Source: Pattern – purchased from vendor in Timbermaw Hold. Requires Friendly to Timbermaw Hold to purchase, and Tribal Leatherworking 285 to craft.
Leggings – crafted or purchased on Auction House.ction House.