Cat Rings


Best pre-raid Rings

BandOfEarthenMightBand of Earthen Might
DPS score: 42 + 30 hit
Tank score: 0
Source: Silithus zone quest


TarnishedElvenRingTarnished Elven Ring
DPS score: 23 + 30 hit
Tank score: 35
Source: Dire Maul – looted from Gordok Tribute


BlackstoneRingBlackstone Ring
DPS score: 20 + 30 hit
Tank score: 38
Source: Maraudon – drops from Princess Theradras



Painweaver Band
DPS score: 46
Tank score: 44
Source: Upper Blackrock Spire – drops from General Drakkisath

MagnisWillMagni’s Will
DPS score: 42
Tank score: 44
Source: Alliance quest requiring killing Princess Moira Bronzebeard in Blackrock Depths

MagmaForgedBandMagma Forged Band
DPS score: 32
Tank score: 71
Source: Blackrock Depths – looted from Secret Safe




ArchaedicStoneArchaedic Stone “of the Tiger”
DPS score: 32
Tank score: 60
Source: Uldaman – drops from Archaedus with random enchantment



MyrmidonsSignetMyrmidon’s Signet
DPS score: 31
Tank score: 122
Source: random world drop – by at the Auction House