Cat Shoes


Best pre-raid Boots


Dunestalker’s Boots
DPS score: 47
Tank score: 202
Source: Silithus group quest “Armaments of War” – final part of a quest chain that requires killing a summoned boss



BootsOfFerocityBoots of Ferocity
DPS score: 46
Tank score: 205
Source: Dire Maul – drops from Isalien





PadsOfTheDreadWolfPads of the Dread Wolf
DPS score: 40
Tank score: 180
Source: Lower Blackrock Spire – drops from Halycon



SwiftwalkerBootsSwiftwalker Boots
DPS score: 40
Tank score: 184
Source: Blackrock Depths – drops from Princess Moira Bronzebeard




AbyssalLeatherBootsAbyssal Leather Boots of Striking
DPS score: 39
Tank score: 178
Source: Silithus summoned elite – Hoary Templar. There are only 3 random variants of this item.


ShadefiendBootsShadefiend Boots
DPS score: 37
Tank score: 193
Source: Blackrock Depths – drops from Anub’shiah. This is one of 6 bosses that can appear as part of the arena event.




MongooseBootsMongoose Boots
DPS score: 35
Tank score: 205
Source: Pattern – can be looted from Knot Thimblejack’s Cache in Dire Maul. Requires Leatherworking 300 to craft.
Boots – crafted or purchased on the Auction House