Cat Wrists


Best pre-raid Wrist Armor


Bracers of Subterfuge
DPS score: 43
Tank score: 174
Source: Argent Dawn faction quest “Epic Armaments of Battle” – requires turn-ins of tokens acquired from earlier Argent Dawn crafting quests.

BracersOfTheEclipseBracers of the Eclipse
DPS score: 39
Tank score: 140
Source: Dire Maul – drops from Prince Tortheldrin




WristguardsOfRenownWristguards of Renown
DPS score: 33
Tank score: 144
Source: Blackrock Depths – drops from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan



DeepfuryBracersDeepfury Bracers
DPS score: 31
Tank score: 114
Source: random world drop – check the Auction House!




BlackmistArmguardsBlackmist Armguards
DPS score: 0 + 30 hit
Tank score: 142
Source: Upper Blackrock Spire – drops from The Beast